Larger tires make driving through snow or getting over curbs and rough road easier

Ergonomic switches- move with less effort for people with arthritis or hand issues

Up graded Padded Armrests that raise and lower for easy on and off for people with hip or leg impairments as opposed to stationary armrests 
Lower footrest height- for ease of getting on and off the mobility scooter as opposed to higher footrest heights that might be more difficult for people with leg or hip issues. 
Upgraded Easy throttle- easy to engage throttle with less effort and strain than a standard throttle 
Upgraded Display- Backlit display with large numbers for easy reading 
3.5x10 Tubeless tires instead of solid tires to insure a softer ride over sized to make the ride smooth 
Bench seat with extra padding for comfort 
Rear suspension added for an extra smooth ride 
Easy seat adjustment lever for one hand adjustments 
Upgraded extra large mirrors for better field of vision and less neck movement 
Wipe clean seat- extra think vinyl that is easy to clean 
Rear trunk box that is mounted higher so no bending over to put belongings away 
Anti theft alarm with fob remote